Course curriculum

    1. What is Virtual Assistant

    2. What is E-commerce and Amazon Business

    3. How Amazon FBA works

    4. How Amazon FBM works

    5. What is Amazon Seller Central

    1. What is FBA and FBM

    2. What is ASIN

    3. What is SKU

    4. What is FNSKU Barcode

    5. What is UPC Barcode

    6. What is Buy Box

    7. What is Enhance Brand Content

    8. What is Listing Hijackers

    9. What is What's the Difference between FNSKU and UPC Barcode

    1. Brand Registry

    2. Performance Notifications

    3. Voice of the Customer

    4. Manage Customer Feedback

    5. Inventory Planning/Health

    6. Pricing Health

    7. Manage Inventory Overview

    8. Manage FBA Returns

    9. Caselog Management

    10. A+ Content

    11. Account Health Management

    1. How to create a Child and Parent SKU

    2. How to Create a new Listing not sold on Amazon - Manually

    3. How to create a Variation listing/ Child and Parent SKU

    4. How to Copy a product - Manually

    5. How to Enable your Category Listing

    6. How to Create a bundle

    7. What is Honeymoon period

    8. Update a Price using a bulk file and Manually

    1. How to Resolve Listing Quality Dashboard

    2. How to Create a product removal on your FBA listing

    3. How to Upload a Video on your Seller central

    4. How to Resolve Listing issue -Stranded

    5. Image Listing Issues

    1. Skills and Knowledge Preparations

    2. Importance of Online Portfolio

    3. Social Media Preparation

    4. Where to Prospect Clients

    5. Amazon FBA Sellers Groups Prospecting

    6. How to Optimized your LinkedIn Account and look for a Client

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